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In a 21st Century, where cannabis legalization continues, the old methods of 'drug prevention' are way outdated.

We are ushering in 'Addiction Prevention' as the way forward in a world full of potentially addictive behaviors. It is possible to addiction proof yourself, your family, and your community.

We support the development of people through experiential education. Working with big and small groups, young and mature, students and professionals: we can build communities that are stronger.
Speaking Engagements

Bring Matthew, and other Thrive consultants, in to speak to your parent and educator groups to learn more about human development, prevention strategies that are effective and reality based, and how to form community building groups to enhance the natural 'protective factors' found in your neighborhoods that support people.

Matthew's talks include titles such as:

  • How to talk to your kids about cannabis.
  • Highs and Lows - teaching the meaning of 'love' and our intentional education of young people.
  • STRENGTH in relationships - and the core of belonging.

Conversations can be scheduled for sixty minutes up to three hour light workshops. All presentations are experiential by nature and highly entertaining.

Drop Matthew a note now at Matthew@AddictionProof.com to begin a dialog that can shape your custom presentation.

Parent & Educator Workshops

Matthew and his consultants offer workshops for community groups that want to enact change in ways that truly support the development of young people.

Workshops can include the teaching and training of effective prevention strategies and using these skills community groups will identify protective factors and steps to enhance them for supporting people living and travelling through your communities.

At the end of workshops - groups will have:

  • An action plan to assess, identify, and implement strategies that can make true positive impacts on the health of community young people.
  • An understanding of prevention strategies and how to read collected data that is based in reality.
  • The beginnings of a community coalition formed - or for existing coalitions, a stronger framework for which to work in.

Drop Matthew a note now at Matthew@AddictionProof.com to begin a dialog that can shape your custom workshop experiences.

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Why ‘Just Say No,’ Alone, Doesn’t Cut It Anymore.

Why ‘Just Say No,’ Alone, Doesn’t Cut It Anymore.

Let’s face it, there are drugs in our world.  I am a child who who grew up in the D.A.R.E. program and the phrase “just say no” was literally handed to us to frame all conversations revolving around drugs (so we could essentially lie to our parents) - I’m here to...

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I just read your article in the paper, and I loved the way you framed the issue and discussed your future endeavors, very nicely done.  I am writing to extend my gratitude for what you have done for GCSAPP and our community, as well as what you are going to continue to do for this and other communities.  I wanted to extend a formal “thank you”, you and your work are greatly appreciated!

Jessica Vogan

Western's Prevention Educator, Western State Colorado University

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